Two PhD positions at the University of Luxembourg


Two PhD positions are available in the chair for Theoretical Chemical Physics, led by Prof. Alexandre Tkatchenko in the Physics and Materials Science (PhyMS) Department at the University of Luxembourg ( These positions are embedded within the recently funded European Research Council Consolidator Grant "Beyond Static Molecules: Modeling Quantum Fluctuations in Complex Molecular Environments".

The scientific topics range from machine learning approaches for describing molecular potential-energy surfaces, development of improved quantum methods for the description of non-covalent interactions, path-integral approaches to nuclear quantum effects, and synergies between these methods to interpret puzzling experimental observations and predict new phenomena in complex molecular systems.

The University of Luxembourg is a young, dynamic, and well-funded university and is rapidly growing in international rankings. Luxembourg is a small European country with a very high quality of living and is bordered by France, Belgium, and Germany. Last but not least, salaries are highly competitive.

The positions are open to strong applicants with backgrounds in physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, and/or multidisciplinary background. We offer competitive salary and attractive working environment in one of the most enjoyable European cities (

For more information and applications contact: Prof. Dr. Alexandre Tkatchenko .